PSY631 midterm and finalterm solved papers by moaaz


mid term

oday’s PSY631 Psychological Testing & Measurements

Midterm paper 3 June 2017

By Misbah Shaukat

Develop the question. How would you develop the MCQs. 3 marks

Three Work sating Psychology student his /her offer services 3 marks

Lesson 7 ma Mental age ma sy Q tha

While the scale was being used very frequently, the problem of ‘scatter’ of scores was observed. It meant that many subjects did not show uniform performance on all subtests of the scale/test. Some individuals would failed the tests that were below their age level while at the same time they had passed the tests that were above their age level. what is age level and describe age level.

Alferd Binet Achivment Intelligence test normative if we were to establish norms for a test meant for measuring achievement of university students in germany , then we will have to select a normative sample that represents university students from all region of the country. Is ma normativesample ki type btani thi or is ko define krna tha ye national norm ma sy tha: 5 marks


Jo Mcqs na ata ho us ka option 4 krna mry 15 sy zyada ky 4 option tha

Validity reliability, test re test. Normative ,or sary mcqs in ma sy thy

———- testing is an important characteristic of domain-referenced tests.


.60 ka bhi mcqs tha is ka ans tha


Good examiner ma sy except krna tha

Double barall ma sy 1 q tha is ma example selet krna thi

The observed score is therefore the sum of true score and error

X= T+E

Split- Half Reliability ka formula diya hova tha type select krni thi rtt= wla 2nd formula tha

Factors Affecting Test Validity is ki cherteristic except krna thy

Statistical procedure selected format

Item Analysis

some items from the original pool will be eliminated and others will be re-written. One approach would be to ye example ky sath tha mcqs

test revision

4000 civil service


Founder of difficult psychology


1 q sake standardization ka tha

Bs or yad nhi a rhe

Buhat koja paper tha subjective buhat kojaaaaa