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Abnormal Psychology – PSY404 Spring 2012 Mid Term Paper 8 may 2012.doc

PSY404 Current Midterm Papers Fall 2014 – 2015 Starting from Monday, January 12, 2015

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mid term paper on 12th of December…subjective questions:

Q:1 Internal validity is the extent to which results can be attributed to independent variable? what is external validity?

Q:2 Name and briefly explain two diseases caused by genetic influences.

Q:3 Name and briefly explain the cognitive therapy which is specifically developed for the treatment of depression.

Q:4 Usman suffers from spider phobia, as a psychologist you decide to use systematic desensitization for his treatment. Describe the three steps involved in this technique. How systematic desensitization is different from flooding.

Q:5 How one can differentiate between negative reinforcement and punishment. Explain with an example.

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how u disgitngued b/w global n prblme based therapy-5

how a psychologst use medcne for metal disorder kuch ishe type ka qustion tha ECT?


correct order of frud’s psycho sexual thry of develoment hindbrain includes medula,pons ………….?(cereblum) _____________

is the building blck of brain(neurons) which is also caled ‘trunk’



3. axon

4. soma

phenyl-alanine is caused due to………?

(phenketonuria)pg no 52

which one of the folling is not in ethics researsh………..

_______ studies first degre relatives ………(adopte) experiment design which do no assign control or experimentl grup…….(Quasi)

vitamin A is?(independant varble) latin word luna=?………(moon)

shortless person is walking on the road he is…………..?

(deviance from culture)

post traumatic stress disorder kis catgry mn ata hai ?